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For the past 20 years i have been dedicated in creating floors, wall coverings,and furnishings in resin. My first job with resin was in 1992 , at the Maserati car dealership, since then i have created wall coatings, floors and finishing touches with resin in homes and stores throughout Italy. I collaborate with various craftsmen, design studies, architects with which in the course of time have developed a good working relationship and friendship.

Resin BioMalta

Native in the industrial field, resin floors and coatings are increasingly being used for residential use. They are in fact non-toxic, sound resistant , isothermal, without expansion joints, and do not demand the dismantling of the existing floors, thus avoiding the costs of demolition and the cost of a new floor slab. Resin is a flexible and versatile material which can produce many unique creations rich with character. Resin is not only for floors and wall panels, but can also be used on most furnishings, which will have a great visual impact. Moreover paving in resin is regulated by the laws regarding emergency, maintenance and hygiene.

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